Meet Baby Emilyn

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🤍 Age: 5 months and 2 weeks old

🤍 Weight: 13.6lbs

Emilyn was our oldest baby model and at 5 months and 2 weeks old she could still fit in to our 0-3 month old clothing range 

She is such a content little baby who is always happy, smiling and babbling away. She loves to play with her feet and chew her toes as she demonstrated many times throughout the photoshoot. Her love for this is so strong that she even does it in her sleep.

The only thing Emilyn dislikes is early mornings and is rarely awake before 10am. What lucky parents!

Click below to see the designs Emilyn modelled

🤍 Little Princess Pink Stripe Dress

🤍 Little Princess Turquoise Stripe Dress

🤍 Pink and White Stripe Bodysuit

🤍 Floral Bodysuit

🤍 Floral Frill Bodysuit 

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