Meet Baby Freya

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Age:  8 weeks old

Weight: 10.5lb

Freya loves looking at books and pretending to read. Ask her anything, she is our little bookworm.

She doesn’t only have a great taste in books but also loves music! She enjoys listening to her mummy’s favourite songs and loves dancing along.

She also appreciates good food and she is not a happy bunny when mummy or daddy bring her food late. She really dislikes waiting for her food. Don’t we all? 

Click below to see the designs Freya modelled

🤍 Country Scene Outfit – 4 Piece Set

🤍 Pink Butterfly Outfit – 3 Piece Set

🤍 Gray Polka Dot Outfit – 4 Piece Set

🤍 Floral and Ribbon Outfit


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