Meet Baby Molly

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Age: 3 weeks old

Weight: 8.10lbs

Molly was the youngest and smallest baby to take part in our photoshoot.

One of her favourite times of the day is feeding time with her mummy followed by a well- deserved nap to replenish her energy.

Once her energy is back, she loves going out for long walks in her pram with mummy and daddy and she is perfectly comfortable pooping whenever and wherever nature calls. After all, pooping is one of her favourite past time. Unfortunately for her loving parents she really dislikes getting her nappy changed. Not a good combination!

Click below to see the designs Molly modelled 🤍

🤍 Pink Moon and Stars Outfit - 5 Piece Set

🤍 Pink Butterfly Outfit – 3 Piece Set

🤍 Moon and Stars Outfit - 5 Piece Set - Unisex


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  • Just stunning little outfits and this is my absolutely gorgeous Grt niece 💕 xxx

    Emily ada king on

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