Meet Baby Reuben

Posted by Nancy Oblitas on


Age: 4 weeks old

Weight: 10lb

Out of all our baby boy models Reuben was the youngest at just four weeks old. He loves cuddles from mummy and daddy. There is nothing better in life for him than a nice warm bottle of milk... and lots of it!

To finish off his busy day he loves to relax in a warm bath before going to bed.

He is a very happy chappy as he showed during the photoshoot but be warned though, he doesn’t work well on an empty stomach!     

Click below to see the designs Reuben modelled

🤍 Blue and White Stripe Outfit with Cute Pockets - 3 Piece Set

🤍 Blue Moon and Stars Outfit - 5 Piece Set 

🤍 Gray Polka Dot Outfit – 4 Piece Set



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