About Us

Pima Baby is a family run business based in North Yorkshire that was started by Nancy. Nancy was born and raised in Lima, Peru and knew about the benefits of Pima cotton from a young age. This rare and super soft cotton is grown in the northern part of the country and is hand-picked by Peruvians and used to make high quality clothing.

When Nancy moved to the UK in 2011, she was surprised to learn that Pima cotton was not very well known here and not commonly used in clothing. Knowing how special Pima cotton is she decided to start Pima Baby with the aim of introducing this rare and wonderful cotton into the UK market. 

Working with her contacts in Peru she began introducing a range of beautifully designed clothes, made with the finest Pima cotton that have been lovingly prepared for babies in the UK.

Here at Pima Baby we are sure that you will love our products and appreciate just how wonderful Pima cotton is and also how perfect it is for your babies’ sensitive skin.